/ December 20, 2017

Video games will damage your eyes! They are unhealthy! Bla! Bla!

Your parents may have kicked you off from playing video games as they were concerned about how it might have an impact on your health. Now, here comes the twist, according to the researchers, videogames are good for health. There are numerous health benefits of playing video games that will surely surprise you. One of the significant benefits is that video games help in overcoming the mental disability. This may be difficult for the people to digest but studies have shown that kids who play videogames are good in concentrating. The reason is, computer games force an individual to concentrate for long periods of time. The thing that comes into play is, the person will not even realize that he is concentrating for long periods of time. Well, still some studies are going on to understand this benefit further.

Another surprising benefit is that sound of video games keeps the mind active and functional. It has been seen that people of all ages have interest in playing video games. When it comes to old age people, videogames have a shocking effect on them. The music of computer games helps to keep themselves active. You can take this healthy aging quiz and know how music acts as medicine for the mind. Another benefit is it helps in making faster decisions. While playing video games you need to the missions to do, the path to decide and actions to perform. These tasks require a quick response; hence it enhances your decision-making skills. It is not about learning how to make the right decision, but it is about learning how to decide. So, while playing video games, you have to make decisions now and then.

Video games also help in keeping the stress to a minimum. When people play video games, they enter into a virtual world where they forget all their worries. So, it has been proved that playing video games is great for health. If you don’t play video games, start playing them today. If you want to take more quizzes in video games, health or other exciting quizzes, then feel free to browse HealthIQ.com.